The 1913 Library

Cornerstone of Our Community

A group of New Canaan residents have come together to support the new New Canaan Library,  but also support retaining the original 1913 Library Building while saving the demolition dollars!

Here are links to information on the 1913 Library and how you can help:

About Friends of Our 1913 Library

Friends of Our 1913 Library, a committee of the NCPA, is working to save the original 1913 Library Building.  Join us!

1913 New Canaan Library Significance and Condition

This compilation of research and analysis presents information to substantiate a request for a Determination of Eligibility for the listing on the State Register of Historic Places.

NCPA Presentation to P&Z on 4/15/21

The NCPA presented the following to P&Z in defense of keeping the 1913 Library, in situ:

Friends of Our 1913 Library P&Z Powerpoint Presentation

Appendix to 1913 P&Z Powerpoint

1913 Library Exterior Condition Video

Kirk & Company Feasibility Study - 1913 Library 

Friends of Our 1913 Library Committee retained Kirk & Company, located in Boston, MA to provide counsel and analysis for the potential reuse or redevelopment of our 1913 Library. Read it here!

NCPA Proposal to New Canaan Library

Read the NCPA Proposal to Preserve and Re-purpose the 1913 Library. Watch the Transformation videos here.

1913 Library Conditions Report

This report has been developed by Preservation Architects and reflects the true present condition of the building which is in contrast to statements made by the New Canaan Library.

1913 Library Estimates

Two estimates are included, one from Architectural Preservation Studio, commissioned by the Friends of Our 1913 Library Committee and one from Dharam Consulting, commissioned by the New Canaan Library.

Crosskey Architects Analysis

Here is a neutral unbiased resource requested by the P&Z Commission to identify the "Pros & Cons" of saving vs. demolishing the 1913 Library.

Questions & Answers

Let us know if you have other questions to be answered!

Landmarks of New Canaan

In 1951 the New Canaan Historical Society published a booklet called "Landmarks of New Canaan."

New Library and 1913 Library Site Plan

Look at the site plan to see how seamlessly the new library and the 1913 library can coexist on the same site.

Plan of Conservation and Development

The 2014 approved Plan of Conservation and Development included images that New Canaan residents submitted which they felt contributed to the overall character of New Canaan.  The 1913 Library photo is actually given more prominence than the Waveny House photo!

A Practical and Useful Enterprise

This is a wonderful booklet created by the New Canaan Library to celebrate their 100th year in 1977.

Historical Timeline for Our 1913 Library

The timeline starts in 1909 with the fundraising for the new building.

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