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The following is a sample letter that we would recommend sending to the Board of Finance, Town Council, Board of Selectmen, the Planning and Zoning Commission as well as Lisa Oldham (ED of the New Canaan Library), Nancy Geary (ED of the New Canaan Museum and  Historical Society), and of course to us, so we know letters are being sent!

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I support the Friends of Our 1913 Library in their effort to keep our 1913 landmark library building in its original iconic location at the corner of Main and Cherry Streets. This structure has been recognized as a landmark in our town in Landmarks of New Canaan published by the New Canaan Historical Society in 1951. The 1987 Historic Architectural Resources Survey of New Canaan describes the building as being an “excellent example of the Colonial Revival style.”It was also recognized by our town’s Planning and Zoning Commission’s Plan of Conservation and Development as a contributor to our town character and is included in the Historic Buildings of Connecticut website.

The New Canaan Library’s plan to build a completely new structure as an homage to New Canaan’s moderns need not include the demolition of a fine example of an equally important architectural style in the palette which defines our town.

I oppose using town funds to demolish this building which has been a cornerstone of our town for generations. I encourage the New Canaan Library to work with the Town, the Friends of Our 1913 Library, and other community members to retain and repurpose this building so that it may continue to serve our community.





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