About Friends of Our 1913 Library

Friends of Our 1913 Library is a committee of the NCPA.  We are a group of New Canaan residents who have come together to support our new New Canaan Library and we support retaining the original 1913 Library Building and the demolition dollars!

We support the New Canaan Library's vision of a new library as an homage to New Canaan's Moderns, a freestanding building as designed by Centerbrook Architects.

New Canaan taxpayers already supplement more than seventy-five percent (75%) of the Library's operating budget (that's about $2.4 million each year) and the Town of New Canaan has pledged $5 million for the new building.   Now the Library is asking the Town, (all New Canaan taxpayers), to make that $10 million.   A significant portion of these additional funds will be used for the demolition of our original, landmark 1913 Library building to be replaced with what is termed a Green.  The Green will be looking out over the Morse Court Parking Lot, the South Avenue Gulf Station and located at what is now considered a high-incidence accident intersection.

The Library has continued to present the existing library as dilapidated and in disrepair.  The reality is that the original 1913 library built more than 100 years ago is in good condition.  Historic building professionals were happily surprised with the building.  The original 1913 building from foundation to roof was very well built, is structurally sound, watertight and in very good condition. Turns out, the deficiencies given as reasons to replace the complete building complex with all its additions, such as water intrusion, are not present in the 1913 core.  Even the basement was clean, sound and dry unlike the basement of the newest addition!

Please, help us save the demolition dollars and preserve the original 1913 library building as a freestanding building in its original location.  The library project will move forward more quickly, and New Canaan taxpayers can save on what would be significant demolition costs while preserving a charming corner of our town which features an iconic landmark of New Canaan.

It also keeps our Town on track with the approved Plan of Conservation and Development!

It's a win, win!

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