621 Canoe Hill

Trustees’ Award for Residential Rehabilitation


Yvonne and Kenneth Hannan, Jr.

Team Award:

Richard Bergmann Architects

This Award recognizes the PRESERVATION and REHABILITATION of the structure:

Some modifications and appropriate additions to the exterior, reflecting interior changes and updates.  Original windows and doors retained; appropriate new paint colors used.  Elaborate new landscaping and buildings were designed to create and save energy, including the moving and rebuilding of a mid-nineteenth century barn, to perpetuate the livability of this original Country Place Style residence.

Designed for Mrs. William Bradley in 1904 by the Hartford architect Edward T. Hapgood, following the death of her husband and the fire that destroyed her previous house at the site.  Her daughter, Mary Bradley, was a decorator until she married the Rev. Merrill Clarke.  In 1931 Mary Bradlee Clarke moved the Harwinton House and another threatened eighteenth century house onto the family property to provide work for local craftsmen.


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