Celanese House



Team Award:

1958 “Celanese House” by Edward Durell Stone on Oenoke Ridge restored and reconfigured for modern convenience in 2006. It was built by the Celanese Corporation, then a maker of synthetic fibers, and it was designed to showcase its new materials and styles. In 1959 the house was featured on the cover of House and Garden. In photos from the magazine there are large metal planters in the shape of inverted pyramids hanging from each skylight, filled with philodendrons, scheffleras, bromeliads, and so on. The furniture was designed by Edward Wormley, and some of the featured fabrics were bright floral designs. The house was then owned for nearly half a century by Frederick Willcox, an inventor, and his wife Velma, who continued to live there as a widow until her death in 2005 at 102, according to a New York Times article, October 7, 2007.

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