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Arianne Kolb teaching a class at East School on New Canaan landmarks and architecture

Youth Education Programs

As part of the New Canaan Preservation Alliance’s educational programs, Alliance Board Member Arianne Kolb has been teaching elementary school children about New Canaan architecture for the past two years.  The one-hour course presents New Canaan landmarks as well as the various architectural styles prominent in New Canaan buildings.

During the presentation, the children are encouraged to comment on the buildings they view.  In addition, they are introduced to some basic architectural terms to enable them to describe various building elements. Following the presentation, the children do a project using the tools they’ve learned.

If you are interested in organizing a session for a group of children, please contact Arianne Kolb at akolb@optonline.net.

Coming soon to local bookstores is Kolb’s children’s activity book, published by the New Canaan Preservation Alliance, “From the Saltbox to the Glass House: Places that Matter in New Canaan.”